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Director's Word

    JRC has as its foundation the discipline of legal theory and her predecessor is the Institute of Legal Science, Jilin University. She sets as her main task studies on legal theory and training of high-level legal talents. Under the efforts of several generations of scholars, JRC has become the most important research center of China¡¯s legal theory, enjoying also considerable international prestige. Under strict procedure of evaluation and appraisal by experts in this field, JRC was ratified as the National Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences by the Ministry of Education in the year 2000; the year 2002 witnessed the ratification of JRC by the Ministry of Education as the National Key Discipline and as the Key Discipline of the ¡°10th Five-year Plan¡± and the ¡°National 211 Project¡±; in 2003, JRC was authorized as Post Doctorate Research Center of Law by the Ministry of Personnel and the National Council of Post Doctorate; the year 2006 again saw JRC assessed as the National Key Discipline. In series of evaluations and assessments, official or nongovernmental, JRC has always been among the top ones.[More...]